Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a White Label Supplement Manufacturer

What does white-label supplement manufacturing entail?

White-label supplements are those that are made by independent producers and sold to retailers. These retailers pack the supplements with their logo and brand and resell them to end clients.

Do they adhere to the FDA and quality assurance?

If you're launching a supplement business, avoid wasting your time with companies that struggle to comply with FDA regulations. You will lose time, funds, and more if you choose a non-compliant manufacturer. Ask a manufacturer about their prior experience with FDA compliance and find out how they maintain compliance by conducting internal audits.

There are plenty of manufacturers who want your business because the supplement market is increasing. However, not all companies are made equal, and choosing the wrong one could spell doom for your company. At times, you just aren't sure what you need to know if you're new to the field.

When you’re using a third-party supplement manufacturer you want to be 100% sure that you’re getting (and selling) a product that is not only safe but is what it says it is. Selling poor-quality products to your customers can sink your business.

You should find out more about that procedure and learn how to obtain a certificate for analysis for every single batch they conduct on your behalf. You should probably look elsewhere for your dietary supplements if the company making them doesn't do quality control or testing on their products and won't give you a certificate of analysis.

Do they keep products stocked in-house?

Whether you're planning to white label or not, having a manufacturer with a large range of supplements and ingredients they maintain in stock is vital. Having stock on hand can result in lower prices on products since they won't need to constantly custom order particular ingredients.

It also means that they’re less likely to run out of products which means you won’t run out of products to fulfil your customer's orders. If you are looking for certain products, ask if they've got them in stock.

How fast is their turnaround time?

The turnaround time is also affected by the decision to maintain stock in-house. A quicker response time is preferable. You shouldn't waste your company's money on unsalable stockpiles of goods.

If you run out of stock, you should reorder as soon as you can. The quicker the production facility can ship the product to you, the better.

Do they have the capacity to meet your needs?

One major factor that some supplement companies forget to ask about is capacity. Finding out if a manufacturer has the capacity to meet your needs is essential! Even if the supplier inspects some or all of the boxes, it doesn't help if they can't produce the quantity of product required or fit you into their manufacturing schedule.

When it involves ability, you should also think about whether they have enough space for you now and in the future. It's particularly crucial to think about if you want to grow your supplement business quickly. Making sure your manufacturer has room to grow with you is crucial. Having to quickly find a new manufacturer because of capacity issues can lead to even more problems down the road.

Natural your White label partner:

Finding a reliable manufacturer who can consistently produce excellent products for your company is essential. Sadly, it is certainly not easy to track down reliable manufacturers in this field.

Natural is the undisputed forerunner in white-label supplement manufacturer, with a decade of experience. Their forte is dietary supplements, but they carry a wide variety of other health aids as well. What's best about Natural is the variety of flavours they provide. 

Choosing natural ensures you'll receive the best quality. Our products comply fully with Good Manufacturing practices and FDA regulations. Our products have been given the OK by HACCP. Our goods are completely GMO-free and we ensure our products help people lead healthier lives.


The launch of your white label brand is a key and fascinating step for your company to take.They must provide a convincing case for the product's composition, highlight its key attributes and what sets it apart from its competitors, and serve as reliable authorities on the topic of the items' desirability.

Always keep in mind that a dependable service provider must offer forthright feedback right from the beginning regarding the things they can and cannot provide. 

The decision to enter the market for dietary supplements can be an exciting and risk-free one instead of one fraught with anxiety.

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