Private label packaging of tablets and capsules - when is it worth using a blister?

Blister, or by our, extrusion packaging, is a commonly used solution for standard medications. However, you can also use it to pack your vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements. For you, but also the end user, it brings several valuable benefits!

What does a blister consist of?

The basis of the extrusion package is a thermoformed package which has individual cells formed exactly according to the size parameters of the tablets or capsules. The cells are flat-sealed with aluminum foil through which the individual tablets can be pushed. The cells are usually transparent so that the user can easily see their contents.

The advantage of such a package is its compactness. The user can easily cut off only a small part of the blister and thus carry a few tablets or capsules without restricting it in any way. The blister can be easily stored in your wallet or any small pocket. The advantage is also its extremely low weight.

Easy orientation in the number of doses used

If the nutritional supplement tablets or capsules are packaged in vials, cans or sachets, the user may not have a good idea of ​​how much they have already taken. Blister packing simply solves this problem - it is always easy to see how many cells from a given blister are already empty. Your customer thus knows exactly how he regularly takes the given nutritional supplement, or whether he has already taken his daily dose.

Secondary packaging

The blister serves as a so-called primary packaging, than it comes into direct contact with the capsules and tablets. However, a secondary packaging in the form of a paper box is also a necessity in this case. It may contain one or more blisters. The choice is up to you. In this case, the paper box is the carrier of all the necessary information about the product and your unique graphics.

Our experienced graphic designers can design an original graphic design of boxes that will appeal to potential customers. In the competitive environment of private label nutritional supplements, it is important to stand out and attract attention. The packaging should also contain information about the use or beneficial effects of your product.

Blister protection function

The blister ensures perfect protection of tablets and capsules from external influences. It can protect them from the sun's rays, which often trigger unwanted chemical processes. It also provides perfect protection against moisture and water. This way, your nutritional supplement will not be able to be contaminated with other undesirable substances from the environment. Thanks to such a durable packaging, the user can always carry your tablets or capsules with them without the risk of their spoilage.

What forms of products are packed in blisters?

As you may have guessed, blisters are used to package single-dose products, especially capsules and tablets. They are not suitable for packaging powdered or liquid forms of nutritional supplements. The blister is always tailored to your specific product, based on the shape and size of the tablets or capsules.

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