5 Easy steps to get white label supplements

Why Natural?

Natural was launched in 2013 and is a seamlessly integrated contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements, including vitamins, minerals, and supplements. 

White labeling is our area of expertise, and we specialize in offering full-service nutraceutical supplies with the goal of assisting business owners in the process of creating their own brand by providing trouble-free manufacturing and packaging solutions.

The infrastructure of our production plant has been designed to provide high-quality products for the brands that we produce for our customers. We are pleased to announce that we are able to offer individualized contract manufacturing services for both low and high minimum purchase quantities.

Manufacturing facilities:

The equipment used in our factories is among the most sophisticated available.

All of our products are made in a way that abides by all relevant laws and standards.

If you're interested in reselling our wholesale supplements, you can pick from a variety of specialty items that are already packaged and ready for distribution. Alternatively, we can help you make your own unique formulas for pills, powders, tablets, liquids, soft gels, and so on.

As the sole Slovakia-based white-label supplement specialist, Natural is able to:

  1. A stock of quality-assured products ready to sell right away.
  2. A range formulated in-house with premium-quality ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers.
  3. Long history in the industry, with a solid reputation and excellent customer service. 
  4. Minimum 50 units per order.
  5. Stock of quality-assured products made in Europe and ready to sell right away.

Natural is a one-stop shop for the supplement industry, offering a wide range of services. Working with a single provider can help you save time, increase your bottom line, and launch or expand your business with lightning speed.

The global supplement market is growing, and we are the best partner you could ask for.

We offer a "white label" service so that our wholesale clients can sell our products under their own brand names.

Reasons why you must purchase from Natural:

1. Our in-house Own Label group provides it.

2. Our "Own Label" service is quick and can have your labels ready in just a few days.

3. Our business model allows re-sellers to produce their own line of goods at a low cost.

4. There is a minimum of 50 units purchase size with us.

You won't find another company that can produce a tailored supplement line for you so quickly while still maintaining high standards for customer care, design, and the purity and potency of their ingredients.

The process of setting up your labels is very easy, and we will walk you through it step by step.

To sum up the process:

1. You invest in an own-label launch package.
2. You need to give design of the full label including text which is required by law in country of the business. We will supply you with the dimensions and we will print it.
3. A quick questionnaire is filled out by you.
4. Your labels are created by us.
5. Get out there and start selling!

Produce white-label dietary supplements for a range of uses.
Expert in-house nutritionists make it possible for us to produce white-label supplements.

How we can help you:

We specialize in providing wholesale clients all over the world with premium-quality encapsulated and powdered food supplements.

We stock a wide variety of ready-to-sell items that can help you achieve your health and fitness objectives, no matter what they may be.

You save yourself the cost and trouble of creating a new product from scratch. This is something we are ready to handle for you.

Have an alternative formula in mind instead? When you need a special supplement made, we can help you out with that, too. To finish the formula and get it manufactured, we can provide you with a quote to do so.

Our staff is available to help you at every stage of the process, from brainstorming to final packaging.

All of our products are offered in a variety of labeling options, including "white label" and our own Specialist Supplements Ltd labeling. The decision is entirely up to you.

What you should do:

Launch your white-label supplement product line immediately. A short time to implementation and a steady stream of results

To launch your own white-label supplement line, register for a wholesale account right away.

In-house services and access to exclusive trade resources make setting up your supplement business easy. Involve us in furthering your company's objectives.

Takeaway :

We provide the perfect business model and high-quality goods for any retailer seeking to broaden their product offerings or any entrepreneur starting out in the industry.

Our in-house support services and access to premium trade resources will streamline the process of launching your new range and/or supplement company. Please allow us to assist you in accomplishing your professional objectives.

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