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  • Possibility of delivery to Amazon warehouses
  • Delivery within 1 to 2 weeks
  • Your design and our product

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Our mission is simple: to produce and deliver the selected product to you in the shortest possible time. This way you can get rid of the fear of not delivering the product to your clients due to late storage of goods.

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How do I place an order?

After you choose the product you are interested in, we need to find out the number of pieces of the selected product and your billing information, such as the name of the responsible person/company name, address, contact details (e-mail and phone number with country code) and your VAT ID.

How will my order be processed?

After paying the advance invoice, your order will be moved to the purchasing department, where they will ensure the necessary raw materials and packaging for the production process for you. While waiting for the raw materials to be delivered, we will help you prepare your design for printing. In both processes, it is necessary to take into account a certain processing time and delivery to our warehouse. After the delivery of ingredients, labels and packaging to the warehouse, the production process begins, at the end of which we will send you the final invoice for payment, including delivery fees. After payment, the product is sent to the address of your choice.

Can I influence the production process?

In the case of a private label, it is possible to set each step in the production process according to your own needs, but in the case of a white label, we have limited it to the option of choosing the packaging and graphic design of your label.

Is it possible to request a price negotiation for a product in the case of a cumulative order?

Of course. If you are interested in more than one product at a time, individual pricing is possible based on purchase quantities.

Can you help me with the design for my product?

Before handing over your design for printing, we will help you check the dimensions of your label, the correct setting of crop marks and bleeds so that your label is printed exactly according to your ideas and our needs.

Do you offer delivery worldwide?

We work with the world's leading courier service providers, and this gives us the opportunity to get your product anywhere, according to your needs.

Which product delivery methods can I choose from?

We can arrange express transport by air, ship or train. At the same time, it is possible to choose a cheaper transport variant, but it is necessary to take into account a longer delivery time.

Can you ship my product to multiple locations at once?

We can prepare your order exactly according to your requirements and send it to different addresses at the same time.

What are your payment terms?

In the case of new clients, we send advance invoices in the amount of 50% before ordering raw materials. After the third order, payment terms can be arranged individually, according to your needs.

Is it possible to request samples of selected products?

After paying 50% of the advance invoice, it is possible to request the preparation of samples of your product and fine-tuning the formulation as needed (please note that changes in predetermined values in the formulation may affect the final price of the product).

What are the product delivery times?

In the case of a private label, delivery is 4-8 weeks (if the ingredients and labels are in stock, the process can be shortened to 3-5 weeks).

In the case of a white label, delivery is 2-4 weeks (if the ingredients, packaging and labels are in stock, the process can be shortened to 1-2 weeks).

What are your minimum quantities?

When using private label services, it is 30,000 capsules, 100,000 tablets or 150 kg in powder form.

When using the white label service, the minimum quantities are not set. At the same time, it is necessary to keep in mind that label printers also have their minimum purchase quantities (possibility to buy labels for your product, store them in our warehouse and gradually purchase products).


The originality of your products makes it easier for customers to remember the product and creates loyalty to the brand


You control the price and size of production, we also supply small batches and volumes or quantities that you need


Fast production process and the ability to send your products to multiple warehouses at once

Good price

At minimal cost, your products will gain added value thanks to their own brand


ensure the quality and safety of your product
All nutritional supplements and vitamins of the NATURAL company are registered at the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic. The company integrates risk analysis and critical control points (HACCP) as well as good manufacturing practice (GMP). Certificates of our products are a guarantee of high quality at every stage of their production process, during which the emphasis is on the use of natural and best available resources for individuals. None of our products contain GMOs.

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About us

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Since 2013, our mission has been the production of private label vitamins and nutritional supplements. From vitamin C to preparations for joints or weight loss. We are based in Spišská Nová Ves, where we have production and a central warehouse.

We import ingredients from all over the world and carefully select them to ensure first-class product quality, which we consider essential. Therefore, it is a matter of course for us that all our nutritional supplements and vitamins are certified and registered at the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic. We have integrated hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) as well as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the company.

We lay emphasis on the use of natural and best available resources for individuals. Our products do not contain GMOs. Because we want our products to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Of our and your customers.

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052 01 Spišská Nová Ves

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